Siemens Servo i Rental

Siemens Servo i Rental
Siemens Servo i Rental
Brand: Siemens Healthcare
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The Servo i by Maquet is a state of the art ventilator that has been around since 2001, providing superior delivery of ventilation to infants through adults. This ventilator has modes such as PRVC and Volume Support, and weaning tools such as Automode. Most rental units are universal machines and are fully loaded with a support arm and connectors.

We rent the Maquet Servo i Ventilator at daily, weekly and monthly rates.

Call for pricing and delivery schedules at 877-677-7767

*Rentals are available to established hospitals & DME companies. Some restrictions apply.

*All rental deliveries are subject to geographic limitations. We deliver to most parts of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Washington D.C. and Virginia. We also deliver to some parts of New York, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina.

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