Newport HT70 Ventilator Service & Repair

Newport HT70 Ventilator Service & Repair
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We are an authorized service center for the HT70 Ventilator. Our highly trained technicians offer preventive maintenance and repairs. Contact us for more information at 877-677-7767 or

  • Keep your PMs current and increase the life and safety of your ventilators.
  • We can repair HT70 Ventilators quickly and minimize downtime.
  • We offer rentals if needed while we repair your units. See our Rental Page.
  • Our technicians are well trained and highly experienced.
  • Great Prices and Fast Turnaround Times
  • Choose a company you can trust. We have been in the respiratory equipment industry since 1989.
Please include our service form with your equipment.  Click here for our service form and more information.

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