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The Medical Support Products office will be closing at 4PM EST on Christmas Eve.
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At Medical Support Products our Customer Service Representatives serve as the first impression to our valued customers. This part-time role will deal directly with our customers, using problem-solving skills, to professionally assist them with their various needs. Representatives also serve … Continue reading
We’re wishing all respiratory care providers out there a wonderful Respiratory Care Week!! Thank you for all you do!
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Medical Support Products will be shutting down normal operations tomorrow at 12pm EST to make our official transition to our new location. Our phone number will still be in service, however purchasing, shipping, and service will all be interrupted for … Continue reading
RSSMSP’s Manager of Strategic Alliances To Speak At Annual Sleep Symposium
Medical Support Product’s Manager of Strategic Alliances, Michael Allen, will be speaking at Reading Hospital Sleep Center’s 2018 Fall Sleep and Respiratory Symposium on Saturday, October 27th at the Crowne Plaza in Reading, Pennsylvania. Mike will be speaking about improving … Continue reading
RSSA Successful 2018 PFV Educational Symposium
The 2018 Pulsatile Flow Ventilation Symposium is an event sponsored by MSP to bring together current and potential users of Percussionaire IPV, Impulsator, Bronchotron, and Volumetric Diffusive Ventilator products with the goal of increasing clinical and product knowledge for our … Continue reading
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Airon pNeuton MRI Compatible Ventilator Model A

Airon pNeuton MRI Compatible Ventilator Model A
Brand: Airon Corporation
Product Code: 20052
Availability: In Stock
Price: $7,600.00
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The pNeuton model A ventilator is MRI compatible due to it's completely pneumatic operation. MRI Compatible up to 3.0T. Ventilate without batteries or external power. This ventilator includes CPAP function and has simple to use controls. Choose from noninvasive or invasive ventilation. Includes patient disconnect and low gas alarms.  For more information regarding this product, please visit

Controls: Mandatory Breaths: On or Off
Respiratory Rate: from 3 to >28 bpm
Tidal Volume: from 360 to 1,500 ml
Peak Pressure: from 15 to 75 cm H20
% Oxygen: 100% or 65%
Operating Ranges: Inspiratory Time: 0.6 to 2.5 seconds
Expiratory Time: 0.6 to 20.0 seconds
Minute Volume: 0.2 to 30 L/min
Internal P Limit: 80 cm H20
Accuracy of Controls: Respiratory Rate: +- 10% (VT between 500-900)
Tidal Volume +- 10%
Peak Pressure +- 10%
FIO2 mandatory breaths +- 10%
Precision (breath to breath repeatability of controls):

Respiratory Rate: +- 10%
Tidal Volume: +- 25ml
Peak Pressure: +- 5 cm H20
PEEP/CPAP: +- 2 cm H20
FIO2 +- 5%

Specificity (effect of one control on another):

Respiratory Rate: if tidal volume is constant, +- 5%.
Tidal Volume: +-5%
Peak Pressure: +- 5%
PEEP/CPAP: +- 5%
FIO2: +- 5%

Internal Compliance: 0.1 ml/cm H20
Device Resistance to Flow: Inspiratory, 60 l/min: 2 cm H20/l/sec
Expiratory, 50 l/min: 2 cm H20/l/sec
Hypobaric Compatibility: Compatible up to 15,000 feet
(4,600 meters)
Weight: 6.5 pounds (3 kg)

Height: 5" (13cm)
Width: 10" (25cm)
Depth: 7" (18cm)

Storage Temp. Range: -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F),
15 to 95 percent humidity, noncondensing
Operating Temp. Range: -5 to 40°C (23 to 104°F),
15 to 95 percent humidity, noncondensing
Driving Gas Requirement:

55 psi +- 15 psi (380 kPa +- 100 kPa)
100% O2. Do not use the ventilator with other types of gases.
The gas supply must be capable of delivering at least 40 liters per minute at 55 psi. If input pressure drops less than 30 psi due to insufficient gas flow, the ventilator will alarm and begin to malfunction.

MRI Compatible with Scanners up to: Maximum static field strength - 3 T
Maximum spatial field gradient - 6.9 G/cm
RF transmitter power - 300 V

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