Airon Infant Test Lung - 21003

Airon Infant Test Lung - 21003
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The Airon Infant Test Lung (21003) is perfect for training and testing purposes.  This is a rigid wall test lung allows for proper simulation of spontaneous breathing.  This Infant Ventilator Test Lung can be used with the Airon pNeuton Mini or any other ventilators that are capable of providing infant ventilation.  For more information regarding this product, please visit

  • Compliance: 2 + 0.02 mL/cm H2O
  • Resistance: 300 + 30 cm H2O/L/s
  • Wye connector: 15 mm OD, straight connectors on lungs 10 mm OD
  • Tidal Volume range for operation: 25 ml each lung – 50 ml total
  • Weight: 43 grams
  • Measurement: 125 mm W x 105 mm D x 35 mm H
This precision test lung is an excellent tool to simulate normal and spontaneous breathing on Airon pNeuton mini ventilator. To reduce the risk of mechanical ventilation, many international standards suggest that all artificial ventilation equipment be tested prior to placement on a patient. Proper testing includes using realistic compliance and resistance loads to simulate a patient. This test lung will provide an accurate tool for this purpose.

1. Easy to set up - simply attach to the patient connection of the breathing circuit that is attached to the ventilator to be tested. Verify pressure sample port is securely sealed prior to applying pressure to the patient breathing circuit.
2. If only one lung is needed for testing, remove the unneeded lung and seal with a stopper (not included).
3. Spontaneous breaths, especially during CPAP, can be easily tested by pulling apart the two sides of the test lung.
4. Do not use tidal volumes in excess of 50 ml (or 25 ml for single lung use) or damage to the silicone test lung may occur.
5. This test lung is made of engineered plastic and silicone material that has been tested and validated for resistance and compliance during the manufacturing process.

Use only a mild detergent or disinfectant and water with a soft cloth to clean the exterior of the test lung.

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