Adult CO2 Absorber

Adult CO2 Absorber
Brand: Anesthesia Associates
Product Code: 00-720-A
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This Adult CO2 Absorber is a twin (stacked) canister system and has a 2400cc chamber volume in two 1200cc chambers. The chambers seal to eacdh other with a reusable elastomer seal. Because of the larger absorben volume, this CO2 absorber can handle longer cases and larger patients. This adult carbon dioxide absorber system is fully featured, convertible and allows for the use of either pre-pack or loose-fi ll CO2 absorbent material. The mechanically simplified absorber chamber uses a cam system built into the cover to lock or release the refillable chambers with an easy 90 degree rotation. A 5/16” fresh gas inlet barb, 7/8” bag hanging nipple and 19mm Male scavenging valve (00-113) outlet are provided. 22mm Male connections on the “see through” Inspiratory/ Expiratory Valves connect to the breathing circut limbs. A -40 to +80cm H2O manometer (#00-199) provides pressure monitoring, a 1/2” x 3” rod mounts the unit, and moisture is removed using the manual drain valve. Systems are re-configurable and will accept a selector valve (#00-116) to switch from bag to ventilator use.

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